#NewOldBackyard Waterfall Inspiration - Part of Entrance to Yard

I've posted quite a bit on the blog here about the #newoldbackyard this summer as we've begun to grow into in and start to use.  I've noted a few areas of concern including what I'm calling the 'entrance' to the yard and some sightlines/privacy-needing areas.  I've begun to solve one of these areas with the espalier'd Linden trees.  And, most recently, I've enlisted some professional help with thinking through the layout and design of the 'entrance' part of the yard on the north.

One of the things that I've shared with the landscape designer is this video that you see below as some inspiration.  If you look back at the post showing the 'entrance', you'll note the grade difference from where our patio is located down to the bottom of the fence.  There's quite a big of grade difference that we're currently managing with just flagstone steppers.  What if there was a better way?  With stairs, plantings and....wait for it...a waterfall?!?

Check this beauty out.  Pretty incredible, right?

They have quite a bit more grade difference - by my count, I see at least 12 steps up - but the idea is the same.  If we elevate the grade a bit by the patio with a berm of sorts, we can gain some extra elevation that can assist in the waterfall-making while also limiting the need for additional stairs.  I'm picturing this coming down to the east of the new 'stairs' leading up to the patio.  We still need to figure out some of parts of the program that gets us from the concrete landing by the garage all the way out to a place where we can land stone stairs like these, but that's all part of backyard planning, right?


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