We Have A Black Squirrel In Our #NewOldBackyard

Everyday for the past week or so, we've had this Black Squirrel visiting our yard where he is gorging himself on the acorns from our Oak trees and the big green/black walnuts from our Walnut trees.   He usually isn't alone so when you see him in contrast to the normal grey squirrels, he really stands out. 

Grey Squirrels I see all over.  But a Black Squirrel?  From Wikipedia:
The overall population of black squirrels is small when compared to that of the gray squirrel. The black fur color can occur naturally as a mutation in populations of gray squirrels, but it is rare. The rarity of the black squirrel has caused many people to admire them, and the black squirrels enjoy great affection in some places as mascots. 
According to this story on DNAinfo, they're about 1 in 10,000.   I also just submitted an observation to ProjectSquirrel.org and noted all the nut-bearing trees we have on the property. 

Right now, Black Squirrel...we're cool.  But Halloween is coming and that means jack-o-lanterns are destined for our front porch.  Eat all the acorns and walnuts you want.  But come after our pumpkins?  And we're going to have a problem. 


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