Great Big Tiki at Polynesian

We walked from the Grand Floridian to the Polynesian one morning recently for breakfast at Kona Cafe and on that walk, we came across this large Tiki.  He is outside one of the Longhouses, just a bit west of the Grand Ceremonial House.  In what is seemingly a random location.  But, he is big.  And angry looking.  And something that makes your stay at the Poly just a little.bit.more special. 

I've written about the Tiki Room at DLR here.  And I've posted photos of some of the other art at the Polynesian including this painting and this print that we picked up in Boutiki.  


  1. Thank you for posting about the “Big Kahuna” … he was part of the magic once earlier in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom during the 1990s Enhancement program by Walt Disney Imagineering. He was sculpted by BVCC on property right in front of the Tiki Birds attraction there. Moved in the late 90s and replanted to greet the Luau guests, he has a whole “back story” of how the “Minehunes” moved him overnight.


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