Eddie Vedder Covers Warren Zevon: Keep Me In Your Heart

Last night, I watched the end of the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize program where they awarded David Letterman with the honor as I was getting into bed.  Dave was always my guy in late night.  Some of my friends were Conan guys, but Dave was the only one who could keep me up.  (Craig Fergusen came much later...and I did love his show - whenever I could stay up *that* late!)  I caught like the last 20 minutes or so.  And in that portion, Dave's wingman Paul Shaffer came out and introduced Eddie Vedder who covered a song by Warren Zevon and said:  "Dave...let me thank you...because if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have known who Warren Zevon was. So, it makes it a real honor to get to sing one of his songs to you."

Here's that performance.

This was a 'stop me in my tracks' moment.  The song.  Thinking about when Warren wrote it.  Thinking about my own kids.  Just a powerful moment.

We have Comcast, so I hit "info" on the remote and like magic, the program restarted from the beginning.  Nat and I watched it together.  She cackled like she rarely does!  And I had a few hearty laughs.  It was great. 

But, then it came around to this performance.  And it was just about too much to watch again last night.  I turned it off.  Told Nat that it was too much to go through again. 

I woke up this morning and watched it again a few times.  And I feel good! 

If I leave you
it doesn't mean I love you any less...
Keep me in your heart for a while.


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