Boyfriends of Instagram: Disney World Edition

Do you guys follow Boyfriends of Instagram?  Besides all the pizza nerdery that I follow on (as the kids say...) Insta, my favorite account *has* to be Boyfriends of Instagram.  For those of you new to this handle, it is a place where people share images and videos of people forced to take ridiculous instagram photos of their girlfriend/spouse/partner/friend/etc.

So, when I came across this weird situation right in front of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom down at Walt Disney World, I knew that I had witnessed a 'Boyfriends of Instagram' moment myself!

Check out what this Dad (I'm assuming??) is doing to get *that* special photo of his daughter in her big, Princess dress.   This is taking place up the ramps that are open sometimes, like right in front of the opening that you take to go 'under' the Castle.  During a super busy time.  You can see all the other people just walking past trying to experience the Castle.  All the while....Dad is being a hero, lying on his side, getting the perfect angle with his iphone that includes his daughter and the Castle.    Nat told me that she assumed it was a Quinceanera celebration.  Which...totally seems plausible, right? 

I don't post much on the Insta (You have to find my Finsta to see the real me...), so I didn't share this with Boyfriends of Instagram, but maybe there's still time? 

Also...for the record.  I don't have a Finsta.  They're soooo over.  Now I have a Nichememe, people.


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