Dallas Trip - Sixth Floor Museum

I made a trip down to Dallas earlier this month for a work thing and one evening, after dinner had ended, I asked the door guy at our hotel how far the 'grassy knoll' was and he pointed down the street and told me it was about six blocks away.  So...off I went walking. 

It was a nice evening and sure enough, after walking for a bit, I came across this seven story building.  That has a very famous sixth floor.  I had been to Dallas with my Mom and Dad back when I was in High School and we took the tour of the museum (and even went out for the night to BillyBob's in Ft. Worth), so I have experience down there.  This time, I arrived after the museum was closed, but it was still a nice experience. 

I didn't go down to the Grassy Knoll, but did stand at the corner and visualized that film that we've all seen thousands of time.

Every time one of these cars raced under the bridge, I could picture the vintage, grainy footage of the limo racing off.  Kinda neat to see this *place* that is so prominent in our history just moving on and being a part of the Dallas metro area every day and every night. 

There were a few kooks milling about trying to shill their own version of the events, but I didn't have time to participate.  I had to hustle back to get some sleep for the next day. 


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