Harold Ramis Groundhog Day Letter @ Woodstock Theater

Back in October, I posted a photo of me and Lizzie outside of Ned's Corner in downtown Woodstock (errr...as Nat calls it:  Stars Hollow) right outside the square.  Ned's Corner is - of course - from the movie Groundhog Day which was filmed in Woodstock.  With our trips up to Wisconsin, we've been finding ourselves spending time more-and-more in Woodstock.  It isn't a far trip and the square is quite cute.  They have a nice Farmer's Market - which we visited this summer and bought this Glas Club Cheese - and they decorate the place quite nice for Christmas.  

On a recent trip, we went to the movie theater there called the Woodstock Theater.  It is part of the Classic Cinemas chain, which I've written about extensively over the years.  Classic Cinemas is - by far - my favorite movie theater chain for a variety of reasons.  The York Theater in Elmhurst is part of Classic Cinemas and if you've read the blog over the years, you know I've posted quite a bit about that place.  So, too, is the Fox Lake Theater which we've tried, too.  And so, too, is the Tivoli Theater in downtown Downers Grove.  Which...btw...has been the subject of a totally ridiculous debate by the Downers Grove Village Board recently.  Commissioner William Waldack couldn't help himself and said that the Village can't just 'make Millenials happy' and then went to a dark place by talking about all sorts of crazy things that could happen (live sex shows!??!) if the Village granted a liquor license to the Tivoli.  That's maybe for a separate post, but could Waldack be more out of touch?  Kudos to Commissioner Robert Barnett for raising the visibility of the Tivoli issue and allowing all of us voters to see the scary face of who is representing us on the Village Board.  

Anyway...back to the Woodstock Theater.  We were there seeing a movie recently and on one of my trips to refill the kids popcorn boxes, I came across this display that features a Groundhog Day movie poster framed next to a letter from director Harold Ramis.  Kinda awesome that Ramis wrote the people of Woodstock a 'thank you' letter, isn't it?  The Woodstock Theater runs the Groundhog Day film every year to mark the occasion and they've been pretty successful as a community of kind-of glomming on to the tradition of Groundhog Day despite that the real thing takes place in Pennsylvania.  


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