Miter Saw Table - Progress Step 2

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the set of legs that I had built that were the beginning of my new miter saw station.  Today, you can see the two frames that I built that will go on top/in the middle of those set-ups.  The leaner one on the left is the one that will go on the bottom and be the bottom 'shelf' and the wider one on the right will be the shelf that the bottom of the saw sits on top of.  There's another layer/level of platform that will sit at the very top that will be even with the table that is at the top of the saw. 

Each of these were spec'd to be put together with pocket screws, so I went ahead and followed those directions.  You can see the pocket screw holes below:

Let's call this step 2:  the bases are built out. 


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