Our Christmas Tree V2 - 2017 Edition

Last week, I posted a photo of one of Christmas trees that we had up in our green room.  As I mentioned in that post, this year we had two inside Christmas trees.  Both bought from the Tammen Treeberry Farm down in Braidwood.

This tree wasn't a great looking tree, but it survived remarkably well in terms of staying green and alive.  You can kind of tell it is a bit off center and maybe not super symmetrical, but that's because we couldn't settle on a tree out in the tree farm.  We've historically preferred Fraser Firs - and that's what we had in the Green Room this year - but we've also had Douglas Firs in the past too.  In 2015, our first Christmas not in our own house, we had a Douglas

This tree, is a Douglas.  And it was not a great tree for lights and ornaments.  The needles were consolidated towards the very extremities.  That made it tricky and also made the tree look sparse at times.  

We ended up with a Douglas because everyone else in our party had already selected their tree.  And Nat and I were wandering around the farm looking for our trees.  The pressure was on.  And we caved.  Flat out caved.  

And we ended up with a Douglas that neither of us loved.


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