Plasticville Drug Store (Hardware and Pharmacy)

I was packing up my train stuff for the year (btw....we finally got around to putting out our Christmas Train, yeah!) and I came across this Plasticville Pharmacy and Hardware Store that I picked up at the 2017 Christmas Train Show in Wheaton.  This is a piece that we bought for $1 and goes along with the other items that I've already posted here including the Plasticville Town Hall, the Schlitz beer billboard, the American Flyer Lackawanna girder bridge and Lionel flag pole.  According to the fine folks at Tandem Associates - who have chronicled Plasticville - this piece you see above is the 1853 Tan Version.  From their site, we find out when this was released:
Bachmann introduced the No. 1853 in 1974 in a Bicentennial box, they had redesigned the front wall that was now TAN in color.
As you can see in the version I bought, there are two big open windows up front.  Turns out, those are for little cardboard inserts.  Again....Tandem comes to the rescue:

Via Tandem Associates
So, as they state, those inserts are 'most often missing', but they also offer a little mail order business where they sell them for $2 a piece.  Based on me having the #1853 tan version of the drug store, ours calls for the red/black/white ones on the right.  $2 a piece along with $4 shipping it seems.  I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens and how long it takes.  


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