Simply Suet From Wild Birds Unlimited - In the Yard

Still going through some of the new birding-related supplies (like this fruit and seed bell) I was gifted this Christmas season and that includes today's post showing this other suet cake.  Like the hot pepper one that I posted last week, this one is from Wild Birds Unlimited.  The premise is the same:  make something that the birds will like (and need!) that the squirrels aren't interested in devouring down.  The hot pepper suet version takes a proactive approach:  adding something like red pepper that bothers the squirrels.  This one, takes the opposite approach:  strip everything else away but the rendered fat and the squirrels won't be that interested in it.  You can find this Simply Suet on the WBU site here

I haven't gotten around to putting the hot pepper version out yet and that's because since about the first of the year, this Simply Suet cake has survived in our feeder. a long time!  In fact, I found it on the ground one morning after the squirrels or some other critter had come across it, wrestled it off the perch and tried to open the cage.  But, they abandoned it.  Guess, as the package says:  they didn't love it!


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