Wall-Hung Workbench - Quite a Looker!

I came across this wall-hung workbench on the Wood Archivist and it stopped me in my tracks. I posted last week on my link blog the minute I saw it.  I was/am smitten.  I didn't want to lose the link.  Just look at it - she's a beaut, right?  Those curves. The built in lighting.  The fact that it doesn't hog floorspace?  The built-in dust collection system? All of it.  Awesome.  The full plans (or call it an article showing some of the steps and the cutlist) are here.  My shop right now is just a 'space', but that is ending soon.  Have plans to add a wall and a door to define the space.  Then, the first step is to finish my miter saw table.  After that, I'm going to turn my attention to a few benches.

I currently have a bench that is satisfactory, but needs an upgrade.   I posted about the first (and existing) bench here on the blog back in 2010.  Still looks the same.  Functional, but kinda basic.   I also need a secondary table for some other bench tools like my drill press, scroll saw, sanding station and other what-have-yous.  I'm wondering if this design can work for one or both of those benches.  The upsides are clear.  The downsides are, too.  First, you can't move this around.  Second...it *is* attached to the walls!?!  My shop is down in our basement, so I'm dealing with concrete foundation walls.  That means, attaching some mounting plates (treated 2x4's?) to the wall at 16" or so intervals, then building this *on top* of those.  Looking at the system, I think I can bury most of those mounting members inside the frame of this, right?  Look at the top section, that thickness can carry those flat-mounted 2x4's, right?

A guy can dream, right?  At this point, without the 'wall' up that divides the workshop from the rest of the basement, that is all that it is:  a dream.  But, once that wall goes, I'll have my own space to build out and as I expect...improve over time.


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