Air Filter and Vent For Home Basement Shop

As I've posted about here on the blog, I'm working on my home shop.  It is going in the basement and may or may not have a window and a wall-hung bench.  I'm planning on closing up all the available space with a wall and door, but also planning on filling the joist space above the wall to ensure that the dust from the shop stays in the shop and doesn't carry out into the rest of the basement space.

One concern about that is pressure.  Meaning, if I stuff the joist cavaties and seal the door with an external steel door, it is going to be a pressurized space.  The walls will be like a balloon everytime I close/open the door.

When I was on the train home one afternoon recently, I saw this air filter/vent in the stairwell coming down on the Metra cars and it gave me an idea.  What about making something like this on the inside of the wall:  a spot where I can place an air filter.  And on the outside - drywall side - of the new wall, I cut a whole for one of these vent covers.

Then, we'd get the filtering required to cut down on the dust being sent into the rest of the basement and we'd avoid having that pressure build in the room when I close the door.   It would require working with the carpenter to frame the opening on the inside of the wall to accept the furnace filter.  And then cutting a whole on the drywall-side with the right size air vent. 


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