Outdoor Electric Patio Heater. Yea or Nay?

I was perusing the outdoor furniture section of Menards over the weekend and sandwiched in between a pair of these weird Lazy Boy-style chairs (cammo one?  Seriously?) was this electric patio heater from Optimus.  It stands up on pole, has a football-sized heating element and a pretty heavy/sturdy base to (hopefully) avoid tip-overs.   Down near the base of the heater was this product/price detail:

And here's the online product listing.  Description reads:
Imagine being in your garage, in your four season porch or on your patio and enjoying warmth as the weather turns cold. This Indoor-Outdoor Standing Infrared Patio Heater with Remote Control will do the trick. It is made primarily from steel and functionally rainproof. It’s dominant color is black and the quartz heating elements provide infrared sun-like warmth which does not get blown away by wind, it heats you, not the air. It does not generate UV rays and operates silently. It employs a pull cord manual power switch or an included remote control to turn the unit on/off or to select power of 500, 1000 or 1500W.
We have an outdoor heater.  You know...the normal propane ones that you see in plenty of backyards and from time-to-time in outdoor restaurant patios.  They look like this.  It works great, when we use it.  But, it is always outside.  And because it runs propane, there's both an odor and byproducts - meaning what I think are probably harmful gases and such.    This Spring, we're spending some time and attention on getting our screened in porch up and running.  Between the planting of the columnar hornbeam trees for privacy screening and some new furniture that Nat is picking up to utilize in the space and me installing a tv above the fireplace out there, we're intending to put in some heavy use of the room this season.    And for me, that likely means the evening time. 

I've thought about bringing in the patio heater, but have resisted due to the danger - both burning down the house and the gas.  But this electric heater?  It is outdoor rated (rainproof), not terribly large and would keep us warm.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?  But...do you think it works?  The whole "it heats you, no the air" kind of weirds me out. 

There's an 11% rebate thing going on at Menards right now.  So, it's a little less than listed.  Thinking we're going to find out if it works!


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