Revisiting The New, Ideal Raised Bed Design

Back last summer, I posted this photo of a set of raised beds that I thought were particularly well designed.  Since then, I've been thinking about what it would take to pull them off and I recently came across this image - which based on the watermark is from the Family Handyman, but I found on some weird, scraped site.  I went and found the original article - which you can read here.  There's a self-watering component at play here that utilizes a perforated drain pipe and a pond liner that I'm not sure is something that I want to get into/deal with.  But, rest of the design seems to indicate the direction that the construction can take.  There are a few changes that I'm going to make - starting with using 2x4's for the 'legs' as well as the cross members.  Right now, I'm thinking that notching the legs to accept the cross member is the right approach. 

I also want to make these much taller than they're showing, but with a similar 'false floor' and full coverage fronts.  I also think that I'll add a set of heavy-duty casters.  Maybe even rubber wheels, so I can move these around the yard instead of just relying on them being on the patio.  The only hesitation I have right now is critter control.  Just looking at the inspiration photo, doesn't it seem like the underneath of these things are going to be perfect nesting spots for various critters?  Maybe I have NOT run the boards all the way to the ground?  And leave a foot or so open, so it isn't so inviting? 

With April right here, the time is now for vegetable planting, right?  Gotta get on the stick with the construction of these, I'm thinking.  Add another item to my project list.


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