Drywall and Door Hung in Basement Workshop

Just a few days ago, I posted about the progress being made in the construction of my #newoldworkshop down in the basement.  I shared a photo of the wall being framed in here.  Today, you can see the door installed and the sheetrock attached to the outside of the framing.  If you look closely, you'll also see the dust vent up near the top of the framing. 

The door on the right is the door to our "Christmas Closet" and was already built by our builder's team.  As I mentioned in the post outlining all the 'to do's' for my shop, I used an exterior door with weather seal to keep the dust contained.  I'm also planning on painting the walls in the shop to brighten up the space and lay down some of that epoxy garage floor coating to spif the place up.  And, I've been reading up on dust collection systems including this one from GeekBeat.  I like his ducting/routing/termination system.  But, I'm thinking of going a different route in terms of collection - likely using a cyclone of some sort. 

I moved most of my tools and other shop what-have-yous out of the shop for the construction, so once I get everything done, I'll begin to bring them back in to get the room set up. 

Here's a look at a little bit more of the shop area. 

That far corner is an area that I haven't quite figured out what I'll do in, but right under that wall-mounted power strip is where I envision the mitre saw station.  I plan on sketching out the footprint of the room and will show - via overhead view - where everything is going to end up going in the final shop. 


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