Chanticleer Pear Front Yard Tree - Dead and Ready for Removal

Welp, it is official:  Our Chanticleer Flowering Pear tree out front by our garage is gone.  In February of this year, I posted a photo and an update on this tree and speculated that I thought it was dead, but we wanted to wait until Spring arrived to see if it came back.  The bad news is marked with that pink spray paint on the trunk:  marked for removal. 

I've had (now) maybe seven or eight of these trees over the years and this is one of three we have here in Downers Grove and this is the only one that gave us any trouble what-so-ever.  This one is a 3" caliper, so it is a more mature tree while the rest of them have been 1" or less caliper versions, so they might have had a better shot at catching on. 

It is being replaced like-for-like with another of the same variety.  I'll post photos of the new tree once it goes in the ground. 


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