Sarah Bernhardt Peonies - Planted Spring 2018

Along with the various other tubers that I've planted (Dahlias, ferns, hostas) this Spring, I also put down our first set of Peonies in our #newoldbackyard out on the north side of our backyard - about halfway between the house and the back fence.  These are of the pink Sarah Bernhardt variety that you can see in the top photo.  They're of the 'double peony' type that Nat adores.  Welp...she actually loves *any* peony, but based on what she cuts and brings in, it is this delicate, double flower kind that I think she loves the most.  And, that's why I bought them:  as a landscape gift to her - the love of my life.

At our old place in Elmhurst, we had a series of peonies that we were gifted, bought and took (from a tear down) that bloomed every year.  There was one plant in particular that Nat was given from her Aunt that (I think) was from her Mom's Grandmother's garden.  That's the one that we dug out and transplanted out in Naperville where Nat's Mom has been foster caring for it over the past two seasons.  Seems it is time to get that one dug out and moved over to our yard.

But, for now, let's focus on this new tuber.  It came in a package of one and was less than $10 total.  Once you open it up and discard some of the dirt/peat moss that it was packed in, you find this tuber - that was already showing a little bit of growth.  I planted it with the growth upright, just a few inches under the surface.

I picked a spot that was sheltered, yet appeared to be able to get sun once the full canopy of our trees comes in.  It is in a spot that doesn't have much in terms of 'planned' plantings, so I cleared a spot and marked it with this stick.  Yeah...a stick. 

We've subsequently had the yard cleaned up and I've replaced the stick with a cobblestone border to mark the location.  My experience tells me that it will take a few years for this peony to genuinely grow up and then, if I've guess right on the location, it will start to produce cut-worthy blooms by the Summer of 2020.  But, if I've guessed wrong and I have to end up moving this one, welp...then, it will be set back even further.  What's that thing that Audrey Hepburn said about gardening????


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