Harvesting Perennials From A Downers Yard Across Town

Holy moly.  That's a lot of perennials, isn't it??  Peonies, irises, hostas and even ferns all lumped together in my garden cart.  So, where did these come from?  Someone we know is in the process of moving to Downers Grove and as part of their move, they're doing some clearing of their property.  That meant that the garden that was existing was going to disappear.  So, just like we did with the house down the block, I went over there with my spade shove in hand and dug.  And dug.  And dug. 

I filled the back of the van up and there was still so.much.more.  I'm going to try to go back and dig up a few more things.  But first, I have to plant these. 

I'm planning on putting them out in the far back of the yard where they can recover from the massive amount of shock they're undoubtably going to go through.  I'll try to baby them for the next month or so with the weather being warm and then hope *fingers crossed* that come next Spring, we'll see most of these emerge and thrive.  From there, I'll likely have to transplant them and move them around as we begin to flesh out what the right mix of plants are in the far reaches of our yard. 


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