Disney Pin Board #2 Hung in Garage

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the first Disney Pin Board that I hung in the garage.  Today, you can see the larger pin board that I hung above it in vertical orientation.  This one is about 2.5x the size of the original board and can hold A LOT of pins.  Two weeks ago, I picked up a couple of these large-scale cork boards at a garage sale for $0.50 a piece.  And they threw in another smaller one that I might or might not use (depends on how far we get with our current volume of pins). 

I decided to put this one *above* the first pin board mostly because it is out of reach of the kids.  I contemplated putting it right next to the first, full board, but because of where our stairs are located, that would have put this second board right within reach of the kids. 

The downside is that I hung this with screws.  I learned from hanging the first one that once full of pins, these boards get really heavy.  And that means that there's no way of hanging these things that will work - except for mounting directly to the studs with long deck screws.  I tried using wire and hanging on a nail, but the wire ripped out and the nail pulled the frame up away from the board.  So, I ended up driving a few deck screws through the board at 16" on center increments. 

I had the foresight to put a row of pins on the very top of this board *before* hanging, but figured I could use the ladder to put the rest on.  But, that was a mistake.  You can see that I have pins up there and I am now in a 'safe' zone for placing pins, but the far left-side of the upper corner of the board that is mostly blank?  I can't reach that part with my current ladder. 

Over the past few nights, I started to pull the pins out and began to place them up here.  You can kinda tell from this photo, but the boards are now pretty high.   The top is full of various pins that were mostly acquired from trading, but I've started to pull out some of our higher-value pins that we bought (and are on cards) and put them on the bottom of the second board.  I'll repost another photo with more pins as I fill it in over the coming days.   I'm also trying to figure out what to do with a few other Disney things like our Tomorrowland Speedway Drivers License and other cards and stickers.  Feels like they deserve a little love, too.

What's the point of collecting if they're just going to sit in bags and boxes, right?  And, being in the garage seems like a good place for the.  Nat doesn't mind and we all get to see them all the time as we walk by everyday. 


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