Our 48 Star Flag Flying For The Fourth

We moved in right before 4th of July last year, but I don't think we had time (or the wherewithal) to put out a flag to mark our country's birthday.  This year, however, was a different story.  You can see that I put out our Old Glory, draped from the front porch top railing. 

This is the same 48 Star Flag that I bought at an Elmhurst Estate Sale back a few Summers.  It came with weights on the bottom of it, so in it's past life, it was clearly hung in this vertical orientation.  But, turns out, there's a 'right way' to hang a vertical flag.  See here in this earlier post that I hung the flag with the field of 48 stars in the top right.  According to this post, the proper way is to have the Union to the flag's own right and to the observer's left.  Hence, why I posted it the way I did this year on the porch. 

We have a really nice wraparound porch and I think it deserves a nice flag.  I have a pole, but the issue is that the location that we'd typically attach the pole to our porch is in that curved section of one of our porch posts.  That poses a problem.  And something that I'll post about on another day.


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