Quick Look - July 2018 Patio Containers

Right before we went out of town for a few days recently, I gathered all of our patio containers and put them together in order to assist the watering - which was being done by one of our neighborhood kids.  I snapped this photo of all of them in one spot to text to Nat to share with the girl's Mom so she knew what needed to be watered, but I figured I'd post it here to mark what our patio containers looked like in July of this year.

In the far back, in the yellow pot1 you can see the Chicago-hardy fig tree2 that my Sister Vic and Equation Boy/Man gave me for my birthday this year.  Right in front of that is one of my wine barrel planters with a grapevine3 growing on the trellis.  That's also the pot that has the Lemon Coral Sedum growing in it.

In front of that wine barrel, but mostly obscured is my large basil plant.  It is sharing a pot with one of my Elephant Ears

Then, buried under the foliage is the other wine barrel planter.  That's this one with the large Elephant Ears and the Clematis growing up the trellis

Kind of next to/on top of *that* wine barrel planter is the overgrown Dahlia pot with the Black Magic Elephant Ear.  This thing is in too small of a container and being clay, it is being very temperamental.  So, while we were out of town, I ended up putting the pot *inside* of a large trug and used that as a kind-of reservoir to ensure it stayed happy. 

Finally, in the foreground, you can see a set of pink geraniums with some accents (spill and thrill, folks!) and a pot that has just a spike remaining (had some failed annuals in there earlier this Summer).

This kind of shows the snapshot of what we have mid-Summer.  If you look closely (please don't), you might even see some pansies, which by now should have been replaced with something more warm-weather friendly.  Don't judge.

1 - My kids call this the "Pooh Bear Pot" because it looks like Pooh Bear's honey pot.  
2 - I seem to have failed to post about this Chicago-hardy fig tree, but trust me, it is cool.
3 - Similarly to the fig tree, I seem to have failed to share that we're growing grapes on a trellis this season.


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