Our One And Only Tomato - Mortgage Lifter 2018

What has happened to my green thumb?  I mean, c'mon!  We used to have a huge, lush vegetable garden that threw off more produce than we could consume.  Here's a few exhibits:  2012 version. More 2012.   Potatoes in 2013Rapunzel Tomatoes in 2015.  And even carrots.

The past few years?  We've had no garden.  None.  Zero.point.zero.

We've tried container gardening.  It isn't working out, folks. 

This year, I planted just one tomato plant:  a Mortgage Lifter

And see that small tomato on the top of this post?  That's it.  One measly Mortgage Lifter ripened on the vine this year. 

Nat is fed up with my lack of production, too!  She recently mentioned that she, too, is pining for the *literal* salad days of yore when we had home-grown produce.  I posted a photo of an raised-bed enclosure that is my inspiration for a Spring project.  There's a lot to do - including the patio expansion, pizza oven construction, landscape plan fulfillment.  But also this:  a raised bed vegetable garden project. 


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