Window Washing at Aon Center Chicago - 2018

There I was...sitting at my desk one early morning when I started to see some suds falling from the skies.  I knew what was coming next.  And I was excited.  The window washing rig was about to roll by my spot.  And, for some strange reason, I like seeing this.  It both fascinates and terrifies me.  I've posted about this experience every few years here on the blog. 

Here's my 2016 interaction at the Aon Center.  This one was when I was in an office facing due south.

Here's my 2012 interaction at 20 W. Kinzie when I was at Google.  This one was facing due south, too. 

The photo in this post is facing west and what is most interesting (to me at least) is that the rig that they're on is built specifically for the Aon Center.  It hugs the contours of the building and allows the guys to get close to the windows. 


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