Mid Century Modern Men's Valet - One That Got Away (Sold)

I bought this Men's Valet from an Estate Sale in Elmhurst about five years ago for like $5.  It was cheap and I bought it on a whim.  It has sat in our closet since we moved in, but I never really *used* it like it was supposed to be used.  It is a really adorable piece of furniture, isn't it?  I mean, who wouldn't want a valet?  And look at those lines?

Recently, Nat moved it out of our closet and it ended up in the garage.  So, off it went to Craigslist to find a happy home.  And sure, enough, it didn't last long.  Someone came and picked it up.   I took these photos out on the driveway before we parted ways.

So, I'm filing this one under 'one that got away', but this time it was on purpose.  I sold it.  For a profit, too!

Did I adore this thing?  Yeah.  But, say it with me:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.
Take a look at the valet features, though.  Tray for a nice watch or your wallet or change or mints or smokes or what-have-you.  And a hanger to hang up your suit jacket and a bar to hang your trousers.  Beautiful.  There's also a little seat, but either I'm much heavier than dudes in the 1960's (true) or this thing wasn't really built to be sat on, but rather to rest your foot on while you tie your shoes (also true, I think), because every time I saw on it, I worried that the legs would bust out from underneath the thing.

Speaking of legs.  Get a load of these beauties.  Tapered legs FTW.

The woman who bought this valet said she collects MCM furniture and that this will fit in perfectly with her collection and lifestyle.

Breath and repeat the mantra again:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.


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