A Christmas Story Dept 56 Chop Suey Palace - Mantleburg

A few years back, Nat gifted me this Dept 56 building from "A Christmas Story" line that was part of Mantleburg.  It was the only A Christmas Story (it is difficult to continue to insert that "A" in the name of the buildings, but I'll continue to do it.) building that we have as part of Mantleburg.  And, if you have been paying attention over the past few years, you might know that things have slowed down in Mantleburg.  We haven't added or annexed any new buildings into the Village of Mantleburg for the past few seasons and have seen some of Mantleburg be de-annexed (via Craigslist) and re-annexed into other neighboring communities.  And that's ok.  We're trying to simplify things around Christmastime and we're focusing on the Mantleburg line.

This fall, I posted some photos and posts about the various Lemax structures that Menards is carrying this season.  All would be nice, but having my mantra in mind, it is enough to know this exist and I don't have to own or possess every one of them.

But this Chop Suey Palace building?  It is awesome, right?  Like perfectly captures the intersection of Christmas Village structures and the movie.

Alas, if we're not getting joy from possessions like this, it seems that someone else should have them.  Off this one goes.  And hence the documentation in the online diary here.


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