Jacques Wirtz Hedges As Inspiration For Our Backyard?

Yesterday, I posted about the idea of gabion walls in our backyard and today I'm noodling hedges.  Yeah..hedges.   I came across this photo of Bunny Williams' garden/yard on Instagram a few months back and have it filed away as something interesting to consider for the backyard.  Take a peek:

Those curves are something, right?  She mentions that the inspiration for her was Jacques Wirtz.  Who is he?  Well...I had no idea until she posted this.  Then I was lost down a gardening rabbithole online. 

He's maybe most famous for his 'cloud hedges'.  Look at these things:

Photo above is NOT mine.  It is via "The Field" on the ASLA site here.  
Pretty wild, right?  Those are boxwoods.  The hedges in Bunny's photo at the top aren't 'cloud' shaped, but a different, just-as-interesting-shape with curves.  I'm not sure if they're boxwoods or if they're yews. 

Yeah...yews.  The things that my Mother had in our front yard and that have seemingly fallen way out of favor for boxwoods.  Which you see everywhere.  We have boxwoods.  And they're lovely.  But, blight is a-comin' even if we protect them it seems.  And that has me wondering if yews are going to come back into fashion.  What about planting a hedge of yews in our #newoldbackyard and having them curve up and down like what Bunny has done?  Feels like the right mix of formal and playful that our yard deserves. 


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