Meeting the (Unofficial) Mayor of Buena Vista Street - Donna Linn De Larria

Add another 'streetmosphere' character to the list of folks that we've met at the Disney Parks over the years.  Today's post is about Donna Linn De Larria - one of the "Citizens of Buena Vista Street" in Disney California Adventure.

She's a lot like the "Citizens of Hollywood" that greet guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, but she's in California. 

We met Donna and her dog Lady one morning on our recent visit.  MousePlanet has the full list and details of the Citizens of Buena Vista Street hereFrom their notes about Donna, we find out that she's the 'unofficial mayor'. 

From MousePlanet and their post about all the 'Citizens':
Donna is the unofficial mayor of Buena Vista St.. You usually see her with her dog, Lady. The kids love to meet the dog and pet her of course. She is happy to give you directions to any attractions. She is also happy that women just got the vote and has no plans on running for actual mayor as she is quite content with her unofficial title. When asked how she got that title she said that she brings cookies to all the meetings.
Our visit with Donna was really nice.  We got to 'pet' Lady and as you can see...Donna was all doll'd up in her winter best.  While we were there, we also saw one police officer, but we didn't engage him.  Guess that's for next time, right? 

The list of the other folks we've met at the parks that I've covered here on the blog:


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