15 Years of Blogging - Milestone

Today is February 16, 2019.  And today marks my 15th year of blogging. 

15 years of doing anything is a lot, but 15 years of writing on the web feels like a good milestone and worthy of noting (at least here, on said blog.)

The first post in the archives here on JakeParrillo.com comes from February 16th 2004.  Back then, it was either at JoinCrossBlog.com or Rhodesschool.com.  But today, those are ported here.  And I've been writing here every.single.day for a number of years.

I've failed to note this anniversary since 2016 when I hit 12 years.  Today....I'm at 15.  That's more than 1/3rd of my entire life. 

In that time, I've had a few jobs that involved media, digital and communications. But, never strayed too far away from the Web.  I fell in love with the ability to publish online and never looked back.  I was lucky that I wasn't lured in by the siren call of The Facebook or anywhere else that publishing happens these days.  I've stayed here.  In my own place. 

I've also gone through quite a few real-world changes.  I found a partner in life and married her.  We added three kids.  And we moved a few times. 

And for seven of the last nine years, I've posted something every.single.day here on the blog.  (Those other two years, I posted something everyday elsewhere on a different blog, so I took a break from here.) 

And most of those posts are in diary form.  I've tried to document something in my life that I wanted to look back on - could be our garden or our house or our Disney stuff.  I also took any sort of advertising off of the blog, changed the templates a bunch of times and came to the realization that I'm writing not to obtain a massive audience.  But to document things that I've come across and to continue to flex my online publishing muscles.  I believe that if you'd flex those muscles by mashing your fingers into your keyboard everyday, they will - like your body - atrophy.    Seth Godin calls it SUSDAT

Here's to blogging another 15 years and living a long life while dying young, as late as possible


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