A Second Flower On Our Amaryllis

In January, I posted the results of how I successfully used an alcohol mix to limit the height of our amaryllis bulb.  This was the first year that I tried to keep it from getting too tall in an attempt to be not so top-heavy.  Welp, guess what?  This bulb has thrown up a second stalk and it looks like we're going to get a second bloom.  The photo above is of this second stalk that has emerged from the bulb.

And in the bottom photo below, you can kind of see the withered part of the initial stalk that I cut down at the top of the bulb. 

From a look around the web, getting a second bloom (in winter) isn't that rare, it is just something that our bulbs haven't delivered in the past.  Just look at the images on this sales page - where they show multiple stalks shooting up in some of their bulbs.

I haven't tried to keep an Amaryllis year-over-year, but now that I see this one paying off twice, maybe this is something we should try??


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