Olu Disney Pin From Aulani - Duffy's Turtle Friend

A week back, I posted a photo of the Christmas-themed pin from Aulani that one of the kids picked out and mentioned that we picked up a few other ones.  Today is the pin featuring 'Olu the Turtle.  He's "A Disney friend of Duffy".  Who is 'Olu the Turtle? And how did he meet Duffy? From the Disney Parks Blog:
As Mickey and Duffy sailed the islands on a quest to find the perfect birthday present for ShellieMay, rhythmic sounds of an ‘ukulele called to them over the ocean, leading them to a cozy cove and to ‘Olu, a kindhearted turtle playing happy music. 
‘Olu smiled and shyly greeted Duffy, “I play my ‘ukulele to make songs of love. Want to sing with me?” ‘Olu strummed a beautiful song for his new friends. “That will be the perfect present for ShellieMay!” said Duffy excitedly. Off to the party they went, singing the special song together for their birthday friend.
He's exclusively at Aulani in Hawaii, so they have a full suite of 'Olu the Turtle merchandise (including pins, obviously?!?) as well as snuggle pals and more.  We *may* have come home with an 'Olu snuggle pal. 

As for this pin, it is destined to go on the big pin board in the garage in the lower section of the top board


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