Adding a Folding Saw To Garden Arsenal?

I was out at the Walmart with one of the kids on a recent weekend and I naturally wandered into the garden section.  They didn't have the outside part open yet, but the inside was being stocked up for all your Spring and Summer needs.  There were pots of all various shapes and sizes, bags of soil and down at the end of the garden center was this display of tools.  They had pruners and clippers and shovels.  But they also had this:  a folding saw.  (oh...and yeah..there's a blade sharpener, too!  But, for this post, let's focus on the folding saw.)

Our yard is full of medium and some very mature trees.  Oaks and Maples.  And they loose a lot of little branches and limbs.  So, every Spring (and frankly...all Summer long), our yard is full of sticks.  Plenty of them are small little things.  I can crack them in two with my hands and I throw them in one of the fireplaces.  But others are larger and I can't handle them well. 

I don't own an axe - either a large one or a small hand axe.  So, I'm limited to my pruners and loppers.  And I want something that has fairly aggressive teeth to handle larger limbs.  A few reviews of this saw show that it is great for branches, but might not be big enough for some larger limbs.  There is a 'power tooth' foldable saw from Fiskars that I didn't see in the store, but may be more like what I'm thinking I need to tackle the brush in our yard.

I store all of my garden tools in the garage and I wish I had a different, more centrally-located place to store the gear - which now includes pruners, loppers, scissors, shovels, some uni-taskers like a weed popper and other things.  I'm thinking that if that greenhouse that I've been dreaming about ever comes to pass, I need to consider tool storage as part or that project. 


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