Bonsai-Like Tree At The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo

Just a couple of days ago, I posted about some Tokyo Street Trees and how the mature trees in parkways were being heavily pruned into a columnar habit and it seemed that for the younger ones that they had planted recently, they had been selected trees that appeared to have a more natural columnar habit. 

But, there are so many interesting trees around Ginza, Tokyo that I saw and this post hopefully will show even more of the diversity of both species and habits. 

This tree above is outside the front entrance of The Peninsula Hotel Ginza in Tokyo and caught my attention due to the training the trunk received to give it that curvy-nature.  I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube watching bonsai videos and learning all about how bonsai owners use wire to train the trunk and limbs to create these curves and add interest to the overall tree.  I can't help but wonder if this large tree - which I think is a Spruce or maybe a Pine - was trained with similar wires as it grew.  based on the trunk size, this is NOT a young tree.  The Peninsula in Tokyo opened in 2007, so this tree was brought to the site and put in this key, focal point.

As I mentioned in the post about columnar trees (both by pruning and naturally) around Tokyo, the forestry team in and around Tokyo appear to be very professional.  And just a quick view of this photo, you can tell that this tree is a bit different and worth posting here because it kind of bridges the tree conversation here on the blog between the columnar ones and what I saw in/around the Imperial Palace grounds.  More to come on *that* experience and the trees I saw there in a post here on the blog in the next day or so.


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