So Long Old Desk. Thanks For All The Fish.

For the past 10+ years, I've been sitting at this desk for a couple of days each week.   And by calling it a 'desk', I might be being generous.  It is really a table.  With two tiny, slim drawers.  But, I call it my 'desk' when I refer to it.  "Put it on my desk."  Or "I think it is on my desk." 

Nat bought it at West Elm when we were first moving into our old house.  When she bought it, I was setting up a tiny home office.  Upstairs in what would become our little nursery outside of our master bedroom.  It is a stable, even surface.  And compact in size. 

When #1 arrived, I relocated downstairs to a first floor bedroom that was larger.  But, the small desk was going with me.  And there it lived for seven or so years.  After a few years in storage, we moved it into my new office in our new house. 

Until now.  Nat found me a new desk - a desk that I've admired but figured was out of our league price-wise.  But, thanks to the Crate and Barrel Outlet, I now have a new desk.  Well...I kind of have a desk.  It needs a little bit of work still.  But, I'll have a working desk soon enough.  And it is significantly larger in every dimension than this one.  I'm certain it will be better in every sense. 

But there was nothing wrong with the old one.  Just time to move on.  As such, this old table/desk deserves a proper send-off.  Two jobs and ten years of work has been done on it.  So long old friend.  Thanks for all the fish. 


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