Tokyo DisneySea Parks Map - 35th Celebration

In the past couple of posts, I've talked about my trip to Tokyo DisneySea.  Today, I'm sharing a look at the Park Map that they were giving out while I was there.   During the month of February, they were having a 35th Birthday party for the resort.  Or as they call it their '35th Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale'.  Compare this with the park map I picked up on my first trip to Tokyo DisneySea a few years ago.  

DisneySea is much younger than 35 years.  It opened on September 4, 2001, so it hasn't even reached 20 years old yet, but the 'resort' - which includes Disneyland - opened back in 1983.  

I've added this post to the [Disney Parks Maps] tag page here where you can see the rest of the parks maps that I've shared including the most recent two from Anaheim that were holiday-themed earlier this year.  


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