Mt. Fuji - A Wonder To See

You can see over the rooftops in the photo above a look at Mt. Fuji that I snapped outside the Shinkansen Train (the bullet train!) from Tokyo to Nagoya one night on my trip.  This was the third time I'd taken that trip, but the first time I was able to see the mountain.  Between night time darkness and/or clouds, it wasn't visible to me on the other trips. 

Mt. Fuji is a World Heritage Site and one of Japan's 3 "Holy Mountains" and is home to a pilgrimage that has taken place for centuries

Those of you keeping note at home, you'll notice that I've used this photo as the header of the blog for now.  On mobile, I think you only see the sky in the top left portion, but on desktop, you get the full mountain. 

Around the archives of the blog, you'll find similar photos of the Rocky Mountains from Denver and from the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs


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