My First Season With Milorganite - Problems Already?

If you spend any amount of time on YouTube watching lawn care videos, you've certainly come across Milorganite.  The fertilizer product is being evangelized by the loudest/most-popular voices across the YouTube Lawn Care Nerd community.   Recently, I was talking to my folks about how I was going to try this organic product on my lawn and my Mom instantly recognized the name Milorganite.  Turns out, my grandma was an organic gardener and she used the stuff back in the 1980's and 1990's.

I went off to find the stuff at Menards and was unpleasantly surprised to only find eight bags in the whole store.  I asked around and the guy there said there was a shortage.  This was all they had.  A quick Google search turns up this post from last Summer where the team at Milorganite said they were experiencing a shortage indeed.

Could this be bad news?  The product is impossible to find and I only have eight bags to my name.  Each one covers 2,500 square feet.  That means, I have 20,000 square feet of yard that I can fertilize this season.

The problem?  I have about 15,000 square feet of lawn.  So, one application is all I'll get out of this supply.

What's the solution?  The guy at Menards told me that they're expecting to carry a similar organic and non-burning fertilizer that will arrive in the coming weeks.  But, there's another path:  Downers Grove Sanitary District offers free biosolids.    Yeah...that's right.  From the sewer processing process.  That's what Milorganite is, so I'm wondering if this is an alternative?

They offer it free for pickup or free for deliveries of over 3 yards.  Seems like I'd have a hard time processing three yards of the stuff, but maybe I can run over there with a tub and give it a try?


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