Front Yard Tulips Blooming - 2019 (90% Flower Rate)

Last fall, I planted 50 tulip bulbs in the bed out front of our porch in the front yard at the base of a large Norway Maple tree.  They were a blend of 25 Orange Double Late Princess Tulips and 25 Crystal Beauty Fringed Pink Tulips.  And I followed up with some photos of these tulip bulbs emerging from their long Winter's nap under the bed of mulch in a post in late March of this Spring.   At that time, I wasn't sure how many of the 50 bulbs were going to flower and after seeing some marks of critters pulling up the bulbs in the Winter, I was hoping for the best.

But now the flowers are fully bloomed and you can see the blend of tulips in the photo at the top of this post.  I counted 45 of the 50 bulbs had bloomed - 90% - which I'm pretty satisfied with in this mass planting.  I love the way these look and from the street, they give off a really wonderful shot of color.  And...I'm already thinking of adding EVEN MORE tulip bulbs in orange and red this Fall.  I can see them running around the side of the big Maple tree trunk.  I'd love to bring them further up to the front of the bed, but we have a series of hostas planted there that I need to see come up (and then mark!) so I know where to put the next round of bulbs. 

As for the specific bulbs, they are both beautiful.  Here's the Orange Double Late Princess from the top in the photo below.  I will tell you that these aren't so much 'doubled' up, but maybe that will happen in year two? 

And here (below) is the Crystal Beauty Fringed Pink tulip.  You can get a sense for the fring and the dark center in the photo, but I also think that these aren't so much *pink* but more red, aren't they?  Here's the original post on these bulbs and the packaging shows a lighter pink shade on the flowers than we're getting in year one

I'm not complaining, but I'll try to document these year-over-year to see if they turn more pink over time. 

One other thing to note is that a week or so ago, we got a weird snowstorm.  But, it didn't really affect these very much - so they're quite hardy. 


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