Schlitz Beer Lamps At Blueberry Hill

Almost nine years ago, I posted a photo of a beautiful Schlitz Beer lamp from Blueberry Hill down near Washington University in St. Louis.  That photo is here.  We recently went back to St. Louis and toured Nat's old stomping grounds including lunch at Blueberry Hill, of course.  I was immediately struck with the vintage Schlitz lamps once again.

The photo above you see is from this recent trip and the lamps are the same nine years later.  (But...the quality of low-light photography from my phone is CLEARLY way, way better, right??)

Blueberry Hill actually has a post on their own site that talks about these lamps.  Turns out, there are ten of them and they were made in the year before the restaurant opened:
It’s hard not to notice the classic Schlitz lamps illuminating our Dining Room-Blueberry Hill’s ambiance certainly would not be the same without the ten vintage lamps adorning our wooden booths.

...These vintage pieces are straight from 1971-just before our restaurant opened in 1972.
If you find yourself on the Delmar Loop, get into Blueberry Hill.  Make a stop at their cases featuring vintage toys (including a bunch of WWF LJN Wrasslers!) and then ask for a booth with one of the vintage Schlitz lamps.


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