Another Nursery Stock Bonsai Tree: Chinese Juniper

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the Youngstown Juniper that I bought at Home Depot to work into a bonsai tree and mentioned that I also picked up another tree.  Here's that tree:  A Chinese Juniper 'Pfitzeriana Aurea'.  Same deal:  from Home Depot in Darien in a #1 pot that cost less than $10.  Above you can see the tree that includes some gold-ish needles in the new growth.  Below, you can see a close-up of the tag.

This will be a tree that I'll work on in a similar fashion to the Youngstown Juniper.  I'm aware that since these things are so small that the trunks are very thin - and it is going to take a LONG time to work this into anything substantial. is a cheap way for me to work on some pruning techniques, right?

This will make three nursery stock trees that I've started.  I also have identified a tree on our property - it is a cut-down of one of the American Elms that the U of I Master Gardener identified - that I am going to try to harvest and pot that has a larger trunk to try my had at a 'collected bonsai' tree.    The other thing that I've begun to consider is building some sort of shelf to hold the three or four bonsai trees.  There are free-standing stands/shelves that I think are pretty neat, but for now, I'm considering something a bit more simple - likely hanging on our existing fence that I can place the pots in a sunny location.   That project has to fall in line behind the yard hydrant/hose reel setup that I need to work on in the coming weeks.


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