Late Summer Pelletized Lime Treatment Added To Lawn (Treating Wild Onions)

If you've been reading along on the blog this gardening season, you might remember that I chronicled how I was attacking the scourge of wild onions that were taking over my backyard.  Once I figured out what they were, I went about trying to remove them by digging them out.  I also mentioned in that post that some folks were recommending to add lime to make the environment a little bit less hospitable to the onions by increasing the pH of the soil. 

As part of my late-Summer turf work, I decided to apply another four bags of Pelletized Lawn Lime to the back 2/3rds of the yard.  How I arrived at an August application was looking at the soil tests that I did earlier this Summer.  This section of yard has a pH in the ideal range, but I think I want it a bit more alkaline range - perhaps even higher than the ideal range - to help ward off the onion blossoms that will be trying to make a home next Spring. 

That's 160 lbs in August on top of the 160 lbs that I put down early this Spring. I am planning on putting down another treatment in the Fall using the stuff you see at the top of this post that Home Depot sells for less than $5 per bag. 

I plan on doing another round of those Soil Savvy tests in 2020 to see if any of the applications like this lime are having any sort of impact. 


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