3.5" to 4" Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn Height - End of Summer 2019

I have been keeping the grass in front longer than I normally have in the past.  I should say...the *I* and *normally*  here aren't quite fair, as this is the first year that I've been cutting my own front yard after having a service do it the past few seasons.  I wasn't that satisfied with how they were cutting it and after doing a bit of research into the whole turf-building process, I've learned quite a bit and have changed some things.

This post is about the length.  You can see that it is somewhere between 3.5" and 4" tall with some blades reaching even higher than that.  But, those blades aren't the normal - and haven't been cut.  Between the low suction on the Ego Self-Propelled mower and having the wheels 'bend' the blades in some cases, there are - on occasion - some blades that are higher than others.  

This is Kentucky Bluegrass and I've been mowing it on the second highest setting on the mower.  A month ago, I posted some photos showing the color and I'm pretty sure that this long length allowed me to keep it happy and green most of the Summer.  It retains moisture, shades the roots and can bounceback more than turf that is cut lower.  With Labor Day coming this past weekend, that means that it is time to go back to feeding the lawn again.  I laid off most of the Summer, aside from a little 'spoon-feeding' of Milorganite in early August to give it a boost.  I just put down a normal dose and am expecting some growth to come in the next few weeks.  One final application of Milorganite right before Winter along with some (hopefully?!?!) soil amendments this Fall to try to allow our grass to bounce back strongly in the Spring.    

I'll also try to take this down to 2.5" or 3" before the Winter sets in - both because I'll use the mower to pick up leaves, but also to get it ready for the long Winter's nap.  


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