Lawn Domination Line in Fall 2019?

Am I doing this right?  Lol. 

That's my lawn on the left and my neighbor to the south on the right.  I LOVE our neighbors, so I'm hesitant to even post this other than trying to get something in the [garden diary] to track in the Spring.  They do a really great job with their lawn and landscape and in fairness, they've had some construction this season and had a big pile of materials laying on top of some of their grass in this section for part of the Summer, so it isn't apples-to-apples comparison.  But...still.... I was struck by the existence of such a 'domination line'.  (Thanks, Allyn!)

The turf has some patch-y-ness to it, so my work isn't near done - that's for sure.  But, with this being the first season that I've taken care of the lawn in front myself, I'm happy with the color. 

I fed the lawn at Labor Day with a normal dose of Milorganite and then applied some Jonathan Green's Mag-I-Cal after I had done a little bit of hand-aerating.  I also put down some Kentucky Blue Grass seed recently that is taking advantage of the warm soil temperatures and germinated in short order. 

What is left to do is some Fall Feeding + a couple of doses of lime on the back yard to continue to push the pH towards a little bit more alkaline. 

Looking back, here's what the turf looked like in mid-August of this year


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