Mason Bee House - Fall 2019

I posted this Mason Bee house structure to our fence back in early Spring of 2018 and it was immediately put to use with some of the cavities filled by Summer.  Posting this photo in the Fall of 2019 to mark in the [garden diary] that it seems that none of the cavities have been filled/utilized this season.  Early this Spring, I went in and tried to clean out all of the cavities that had previously been occupied in an attempt to make it as insect-friendly as I could.  For whatever reason....I don't think the tubes were used this season. 

I've started to wonder if this is something that I can look to create as a Christmas gift for some family members?  There are plenty of plans online - but it is a simple project just with a cedar box with a roof structure, then following some best practices to make the best home for various insects.  My instincts are to go *big* and think multi-insect environment, but I don't think that's actually best for making something that is going to foster the best outcomes for both the user (seeing it actually used) and of the insects (making something that is *ok* for a variety but not *good* for any one particular species).  Also, I think ensuring that they are hung right - facing south to get some sun, etc) should be part of the gift-giving, right?  Either an instructions sheet or giving them a pole to hang it on?

Seems like something I could get the kids to be involved with, right?  Have them help fill the guts of each of the chambers? 


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