Six "Great" Foliage Plants For Shade Via Garden Design

List of 20 "great shade plants" via Garden Design - story here.
I've written many a post about shade gardening and how my mother was a 'shade gardener' and therefore I, too, am a shade gardener.  So, whenever I come across a piece online about shade gardening, I pay attention.  I recently saw this Garden Design story that highlights 20 plants that do well in the shade.  Their list of 20 includes four trees, ten flowering plants and six foliage plants for shade - and it is those that I think are worth posting here for my reference. 

Six Foliage Plants for Shade:

1.  Hostas
2.  Coral Bells
3.  Ferns
4.  Caladium
5.  Coleus
6.  Japanese Forest Grass

The companion to this list of great shade plants is this slideshow that talks about shade garden design.  Posting this, too, as part of my landscape inspiration collection. 


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