Fighting Illini Football Coke Zero Bottle (With The Old Block I)

As part of the 'Share a Coke' campaign, it seems that the fine folks at Coca-Cola are running some college football team logos on their bottles.'ll see the Block I from what I'm pretty sure is the Fighting Illini.  More on this in a moment.

Below, you'll see the other side with a football helmet.

Here (below) is another football team logo - this one from Ole Miss.  I bought both of these in Memphis.  Hence...why I was uncertain if the Block I is *really* the Illini?  It *has* to be, right?

The problem is that Coke is using the OLD Block I.  They updated it a few years back to include these rounded inside corners.  See the brand guidelines here.  Or here

Below is the "new" Block I - with those rounded inside corner.  Wonder how that happened?

I've posted Coca-Cola products here on the blog before including these from Singapore.  And these from France.  And this one that ALMOST got my name right.  


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