Final Lawn Lime Application - Fall 2019

Yesterday, I posted about how I aerated my rear lawn using my neighbor's tractor as part of my fall lawn care duties.  I also threw down a final application of Lawn Lime for the year.  This is focused on trying to make the backyard as inhospitable as possible to the Wild Onion that we have in our backyard

First application of pelletized Lawn Lime was in late April.  4 40# bags.  160#s.
Put down the second application in early August.  4 40# bags.  160#s
Used Mag-i-Cal in September - one month later - for third treatment.  1 54# bag. 
And now this - in early November - my fourth application of lime.  4 40# bags.  160#s.

Four treatments this year.  160 + 160 + 54 + 160 = 534 lbs added to the soil.  That seems like a ton, right? 

With the aeration taking place, I'm thinking that this final fourth treatment will be the deepest in terms of intake into the soil.  I'm planning on doing another round of soil tests this coming Spring, so we'll see what happens with the pH and if I've been able to change it with lime - and what the Wild Onions do in the Spring in terms of coming back.


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