Happy Festivus - 2019 Edition

I'm posting this Festivus-related post here on the blog one day *before* Festivus.  Why?  Because a bunch of people who read these things happen to read them in their email inboxes. And those emails get delivered in the morning and include links to the blog post that I posted the previous day.  Hence...this post going up on the blog with a date of 12/22/19, but being delivered on Festivus - 12/23/19 - and we all can rejoice around the aluminum pole together. 

Via Seinfeld Scripts, we can all see how the gif above is slightly off.  No mention of Harry in the first screen!

KRAMER: No. (To manager of H&H) Ah, listen, Harry, I need the 23rd off.

MANAGER: Hey! I hired you to work during the holidays. This is the holidays.

KRAMER: But it's Festivus.


KRAMER: You know you're infringing on my right to celebrate new holidays..

MANAGER: That's not a right.

KRAMER: Well, it's going to be! Because I'm going back on strike. Come on Elaine. (Takes of his apron, and goes for his coat) It's a walk out!

I've posted about Festivus many times over the years here on the blog

Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2018.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2017.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2016.
Here's how I celebrated Festivus in 2015.
And the first post in 2010 about Festivus appears to be this photo of a real-life Festivus pole outside of a house in Elmhurst

Happy Festivus, everyone! 


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