The Hostas Are Back - March 2020

It may be the last day of March, but - just like the peonies - the hostas are now tipping through the mulch.  You can see the purple tips that have sort of spiraled their way through the ground and are ready to unfurl in this bed underneath our kitchen window.  Those of you eagle-eyed readers might also spot something else in this photo:  a piece of burned wood/charred hardwood.  On the right side of the photo in the middle. 

That's a result of spreading the hardwood ashes from our fireplace out in the yard.  I've put some of it in the grass, some in the beds including around these hostas. 

This is the teardown hosta that I've been tracking since I transplanted it. 

Here's a look at this plant in mid-Summer last year

This is a bed that I'm going to try to tend to with a topcoat of hardwood fine mulch because, as you can see, most of the remaining mulch is the larger, more coarse pieces.


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