The Peonies Are Back - Spring 2020

A series of garden diary posts that I've been sharing for ten years now features the moment when our peony plants emerge from the mulch each Spring.  The first time I posted photos of the redish buds was all the way back in 2010 here

From then, I've posted about this:

2011 peony post
2012 peony post
2013 peony post
2014 peony post
2015 peony post
2016 - doesn't appear that I posted
2017 - one of our foster peony plants in Naperville
2018 - one of our *new* Downers peony post
2019 peony post  And another one here.

That's 9 of the past 10 years.  Including this year, that makes 10 of 11 years.

This peony in the photo is located back by our Dawn Redwood - it is a 'teardown peony' - either from our house before they tore it down or from The Fox Family Den's yard before they built their own house.


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